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A small village on the North Norfolk Coast, nestled between the heath ridge above and the salt marsh below.

An Introduction to Salthouse

Salthouse Sea Ridge
Salthouse View
Salthouse Church
Heath Views

The small village of Salthouse nestles between a high ridge above and the salt marsh towards the North Norfolk Coast. In times gone by there would have been salt pans and large piles of salt crystals ready for transport. Now, the village is a lovely quiet spot to enjoy the views over the marshes and bird watchers come from all over to observe both common and rare species. The beach is a large pebble bank and is the only protection from the penetrating north winds, high tides and severe weather. The village contains the attractive church of St. Nicholas, which contains a fine font and rood, a post-office/shop and a lovely pub overlooking the marshes.

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Salthouse Map

Salthouse Map Cley next the Sea Weybourne Holt

Salthouse Guided Picture Tour

We start our tour of Salthouse in the pub! - The Dun Cow is raised and from the garden at the front you get wonderful views out over the marshes. It's a lovely place to enjoy a great pub lunch and take in the views. Adjacent to the pub is the village green, post office and Cookies Crab Shop, which has been selling quality shell fish for over 3 generations!
Dun Cow Pub
Dun Cow pub Salthouse
Dun Cow Pub
Telescope at the Dun Cow pub
Dun Cow Courtyard
Pub garden at the Dun Cow Salthouse
Salthouse Village
View over Salthouse village
Cookies Crab Shop
Cookies Crab Shop, Salthouse (open daily)

The beach at Salthouse is a pebble bank and does not offer much protection to the village. You can feel the wind blowing and it feels as if it is blowing right through you!
Salthouse Beach
Pebble beach at Salthouse
Salthouse Beach
Sea fishing at Salthouse
Some of the land around the beach is managed by the National Trust and is mainly marshland, but it gives good views back towards the village. Gramborough Hill is an archaeological site where a Roman settlement existed around the 3rd century, finds include Mesolithic flints as well as a sherd from a Bronze Age food-vessel.
National Trust
The National Trust Gramborough Hill Salthouse
Village Views
View of Salthouse and the church from the beach

To the back of the village the land rises quite steeply and on the top of the ridge is Salthouse Heath. The ridge was created at the end of the last ice age, when the ice sheet ground to halt at about this point. As the ice melted, it dropped all the material it was carrying and this formed the ridge we see today. The heath gives wonderful views of the Norfolk Coast, the village and church below. The heath itself is crisscrossed by a network of footpaths and is great for a walk. The heath is like a wild garden, full of heather and ferns, plus wild flowers including foxglove and rose.
Salthouse Church View
Salthouse church from Salthouse Heath
Coast View
The view of the coast from Salthouse Heath
FLowering Purple Heather
Flowering Purple Heather on Salthouse Heath
Salthouse Heath
A foxglove growing on Salthouse Heath
Salthouse Heath
A marker placed on Salthouse Heath
Salthouse Heath
Walking on footpaths on Salthouse Heath
Wild Rose
Wild rose flowers on Salthouse Heath

The church of St Nicholas at Salthouse stands between the village and high ridge and is high enough to avoid any flood water. A path leads from the road to the large church yard. Inside, the nave and chancel were rebuilt in the 15th century at a time of great prosperity. The church contains a fine font with lions and a painted rood screen.
Salthouse Church
Salthouse parish church of St. Nicholas
Church Inside
Inside Salthouse church
Church Font
Font in Salthouse church

Finally, if you leave Salthouse on the coast road (A149) towards Cley next the Sea, you will come to small pond, with ducks and usually a Norfolk ice-cream van. It makes a great short stopping point.
Ice Cream Van
The ice cream van and duck pond between Salthouse and Cley next the Sea

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Salthouse summary of what to SEE and DO

Visit the Dun Cow and enjoy a pub lunch
Purchase some shellfish from Cookie's Crab Shop
Walk down and along the shingle beach
Visit Salthouse church and churchyard
Walk up onto Salthouse Heath and enjoy the views
Visit the nearby Muckleburgh Collection

Our Verdict

Salthouse is a great place to dispel the myth that Norfolk is flat! Make sure you climb the ridge of heathland to get a great view of the salt marsh and coast below. The Dun Cow also offers great views over the marsh and you can enjoy a pint at the same time!




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