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A country park with a beautiful hall and on its doorstep is one of the finest sandy bays in the whole of England.

An Introduction to Holkham

Holkham Trees
Holkham Woods
Holkham Hall
Gatekeeper Cottage
Holkham Bay

Holkham is one of the most beautiful locations on the North Norfolk Coast. Holkham Bay is the most extensive, diverse and dramatic nature reserve in Norfolk, with windswept sand dunes, a maze of creeks, shady pinewoods, green pastures and marshes. Across the coast road is Holkham Hall, a Palladian style mansion and home of the Coke family. The hall is set in large parkland, full of nature trails and marked walks. A pub and tea room can be found on the main road, between the bay and the hall.
Dogs Holkham is a dogs paradise! Dogs are allowed on Holkham Beach and nearby woods. Dogs are also allowed in the grounds of Holkham Hall, including the courtyard (not in the house and walled garden). Dogs are allowed in the Victoria Inn.
Children Kids can enjoy the fabulous beach at Holkham. They can also explore the nature trail and information at 'The Lookout'. There is a woodland play area at Holkham Hall.
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Holkham Map

Holkham Map Wells next the Sea Burnham Market

Holkham Guided Picture Tour

We start our tour of Holkham overlooking its fabulous bay. This has been called one of the most beautiful beaches in the whole country and at low tide, you can walk out over the golden sand to the sea beyond. The bay is surrounded by pine trees, planted to protect the land behind. A path goes around the entire bay, one direction taking you all the way into Wells-next-the-Sea, making a lovely walk and gives great views over sand dunes. Much of Holkham is within a coastal nature reserve, which is one of the biggest in England. As well as the sand and pines, the area also contains marshes, salt flats, and narrow creeks. These places are home to plenty of birds, and other wildlife.
Holkham Bay Panorama
A panorama of Holkham Bay at low tide (click to open the full large picture)
Holkham Bay
Families enjoying the beach at Holkham
Holkham Bay Dog Walking
Walking the dogs on Holkham beach
Beach Walking
Walking on the beach near Holkham
Bird Watching
Bird Watching in Holkham Bay
Viewing Point
A seat and viewing point
Holkham Bay Woods
Pine woods surrounding Holkham Bay

Holkham Bay Panorama
Click to view a full 360 view of Holkham Bay

In between the private car-park (on Lady Anne's Road) and the beach, you will find The Lookout. This is a recent addition and is aimed at nature lovers, plus anyone wanting a cup of tea! The round, mainly open air building houses viewing points over the surrounding countryside, plus nature information panels, a cafe and toilets. It provides a welcome break for walkers and shelter when the weather is not so good.
The Lookout
The Lookout at Holkham Bay
Holkham Path
Information inside The Lookout
The Lookout Cafe
The cafe at The Lookout
Holkham Path
The path to the car park from beach
Lady Annes Road Car Park
Car Parking in Lady Anne's Road

The Lookout Panorama
Click to view a full 360 view of the inside of The Lookout

Holkham's other star attraction is Holkham Hall, arguably the finest Palladian house in the country. It looks like a Roman palace, or perhaps an exotic villa and the design has been praised for its exceptional simplicity. The exterior has barely any decoration at all, instead featuring stark, simple brickwork that makes for a very striking appearance. The concept was dreamt up in the 18th century by Thomas Coke, the 1st Earl of Leicester. Today, the hall is still home to Coke's descendent, the current Earl of Leicester, and his family. Holkham Hall, home of the Coke family and the Earls of Leicester, was built between 1734 and 1764 by Thomas Coke, 1st Earl of Leicester. This Palladian style mansion reflects Thomas Coke's appreciation of classical art developed during his "Grand Tour" of Europe which lasted 6 years and from which he returned in the spring of 1718. The hall is set in large grounds, consisting of a lake, parkland, monument, walled garden and nature trail.
Holkham Hall
Holkham Hall
Walled Garden
Part of the Walled Garden at Holkham Hall
Holkham Icehouse
The thatched Icehouse overlooking the Lake
Wild Deer
Deer running wild in Holkham Park
Holkham Hall
The obelisk monument in Holkham Park
Gatekeepers Cottage
The gate keepers cottage at Holkham Hall
Victoria Inn
The Victoria Inn, at the entrance to Holkham Hall

Holkham Hall Panorama
Click to view a full 360 view of Holkham Hall and Park

Even though it's still in use, Holkham Hall is open to the public. The interior is grand and elegant, without ever being too extravagant. Visitors are encouraged not to be shy; they can walk on the carpets, and get close to the artefacts on display. And of course, there's plenty to look at. Upon entering, the first sight is the Marble Hall, with its huge set of stairs and is decorated with plaster statues of classic deities. Elsewhere in the house, you can find patterned ceilings, classic art, and ornate fireplaces. Particularly notable rooms include the Saloon, which has walls lined in red velvet, and the Old Kitchen, which used to prepare around 1700 meals a month. As you explore, you may notice that each of the formal state rooms is designed to be symmetrical. In some cases, this means that the builders had to include false doors! We thoroughly recommend you explore the hall for yourself.
Holkham Marble Hall
The entrance of Holkham Hall into its impressive Marble Hall
Holkham Hall Inside
The view across the Hall's landing
Holkham Hall Bedroom
One of the many bedrooms inside the hall
Holkham Hall Library Lounge
A Lounge Library
Holkham Hall Room
One of the ornate rooms with many beautiful paintings
Holkham Hall Saloon
The ornate Saloon inside Holkham Hall
Holkham Old Kitchen
The Old Kitchen in the basement of Holkham Hall

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Holkham summary of what to SEE and DO

Take a stroll around the grounds of Holkham Hall
Explore the inside of Holkham Hall - one of the top things to do in Norfolk!
Take a walk around Holkham Bay, the beach or the pinewoods around the edge
Enjoy a refreshment in the Victoria Inn or Holkham Hall cafe

Our Verdict

Ask someone to think of Norfolk and Holkham will not be too far from their thoughts. It's one of those must see places and a walk around Holkham Bay at any time of year is a memorable experience!




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