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A traditional seaside town on the North Norfolk Coast, that grew up around its old fishing village.

An Introduction to Sheringham

Sheringham Promenade
Fishing Boats
Sheringham Clock
North Norfolk Railway
Sheringham Cottages

is a traditional seaside town, which grew up around its old fishing village, and a few little boats still bring in the daily catch. Sheringham is home of the North Norfolk Railway (The Poppy Line), which operates steam train rides to Holt. Sea, cliffs, fine sands and bracing air are some of the reasons why Sheringham is so popular. Among the glories of the area are the surrounding woods of Upper Sheringham (including Sheringham Park), with views over the sea, and miles of bracken-covered undulating uplands, covered with golden gorse and purple heather. The town of Sheringham is anything but the monotonous strip, with the promenade running in and out of the low cliffs, while steps and slopes connect it with the town above. Sheringham has plenty of facilities, including many interesting shops, pubs, restaurants and tea rooms. There is a popular twice weekly market on Wednesday's and Saturday's, that attract many to the town. Sheringham accommodation includes a good selection of hotels and bed and breakfast. Sheringham is an ideal base for a seaside family holiday or weekend break.
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Sheringham Map

Sheringham Map Weybourne Cromer Holt Aylsham Upper Sheringham

Sheringham Guided Picture Tour

We start our tour on the promenade, which extends right through Sheringham and consists of a concrete walkway overlooking the sea. There is a refreshment hut on the promenade, allowing you to easily collect an ice cream from the beach!
Sheringham Promenade
Sheringham Promenade
Sheringham Promenade
Walking along Sheringham Promenade
Sheringham Promenade
Sheringham seafront Beach Hut snacks
Sheringham Beach
Walking along Sheringham Promenade
Sheringham Seafront
Views of the sea from Sheringham Promenade

Sheringham beach is a little rocky when the tide is in - all part of protecting the town centre from the sea - but when the tide is out, a lovely sandy beach opens up and you can enjoy all the traditional beach activities. Behind the beach on the promenade, is a row of colourful beach huts, just waiting for a sunny day!
Sheringham Rocks
Rocks protecting Sheringham
Sheringham Beach
Sheringham Beach
Sheringham Paddling
Paddling in the sea at Sheringham
Sheringham Beach Huts
Beach huts at Sheringham

At one time there were over 200 fishing boats based in Sheringham - even though the town has never had a harbour. Overcrowding forced some to move to Lincolnshire. There are still a small number of fishing boats left today and you can buy their catch at a stall in the town centre.
Sheringham Fishing Boats
Fishing boats at Sheringham
Sheringham Fish Stall
Shellfish bar in Sheringham

Sheringham has had a long association with the sea. The story of town, its historic fleet of lifeboats and its fishing fleet, is told in a new museum called The Mo. The name Mo comes from a little girl who lived in Sheringham over 130 years ago and the museum tells her story and those of other Sheringham people. The museum itself has several lifeboats on display, re-created shops and plenty of displays. One of the highlights of the museum is a viewing gallery, set high above the building, giving fantastic views over the town, sea and countryside.
The Mo Museum
The Mo Museum in Sheringham
Sheringham Lifeboat
A Sheringham Lifeboat in the museum
Sheringham Town Centre
A re-created shop inside the museum
Viewing Gallery
The viewing gallery above the museum

Sometime during the 19th century, local tradition says the bodies of twelve sailors were washed ashore near Sheringham, after a huge gale in which their ship sank. The sailors were not given a proper burial and their bodies were thrown into a ditch near a gap in the cliffs. The grave was covered with a great heap of stones and shingle. Locals say that if anyone visits the grave at night during a storm, they will hear the sound of stones being thrown onto the grave, just as they were more than a century ago!

The streets of Sheringham are colourful and bustle with people in high summer. As well as the main streets, there are plenty of alleys and courtyards to explore, leading to hidden shops and pubs.
Sheringham Street
Sheringham streets
Sheringham Town Centre
Sheringham Town Centre
Sheringham Cottages
Sheringham property
Odd Fellows Hall
Odd Fellows Hall, used for various meetings and events
Fishermans Holiday CottageFishermans cottages, converted to holiday cottages

The towns streets and alleys contain plenty of varied and interesting shops to browse. Inside, the shops are crammed full with all kinds of gifts - some produced locally in Norfolk.
Sheringham Shop
The Bakehouse bakery Sheringham
Sheringham Shop
Handbag and Bag Shop Sheringham
Sheringham Courtyard
The Courtyard, containing several smaller shops
Sheringham Gift Shop
Smugglers Cave gift shop Sheringham
Norfolk Gifts
Norfolk postcards and gifts for sale in Sheringham
Norfolk Lavender
Norfolk Lavender for sale in Sheringham

In the centre of Sheringham is the Town Clock, built on the site of a water well and dating from 1862. Opposite is The Little Theatre which hosts plays, films, literature events, music events, art exhibitions and children's events.
Sheringham Clock
Sheringham Town Clock
Sheringham Little Theatre
The Little Theatre Sheringham

There are plenty of places in the centre of Sheringham to stop for a meal or a refreshment. You could have a pot of tea perhaps, or if you prefer a pint, there are plenty of great pubs. There are also some good restaurants in Sheringham, including an Italian, near the seafront.
Sheringham Tea Room
A Tea Room in Sheringham
Sheringham Cafe
Mulberry tea rooms Sheringham
Sheringham Pub
The Lobster pub Sheringham
Sheringham Pub
The Robin Hood pub Sheringham
Sheringham Refreshments
Various refreshments available in Sheringham from ice cream to herring in a bap!

This particular yard in the centre of Sheringham, claims to have the dubious honour of being the first place to take a hit from a WW1 bomb in 1915. Apparently after the Zeppelin dropped the bomb, it did not go off and was carried out by a resident in a bucket! Now that's what you call a lucky escape!!
Sheringham Yard
First World War Bomb in Sheringham
Sheringham Cottage
Yard in Sheringham

Sheringham has a wide selection of accommodation, including large sea front Victorian hotels, self catering cottages and plenty of small, friendly bed and breakfast. Many of the properties are Victorian, constructed using brick or local flint. The architecture has been heavily influenced by the Dutch, and you will see buildings shaped like those in Amsterdam!
Sheringham Cottages
Typical Victorian style architecture in Sheringham
Sheringham Hotel
The Burlington hotel Sheringham
Sheringham Bed Breakfast
Bed and Breakfast Sheringham
Sheringham B&B
A B&B in Sheringham with flint walls
Dutch Architecture
Dutch Architecture Sheringham
Sheringham Town Hall
Sheringham Town Hall
Sheringham War Memorial
Sheringham War Memorial

Sheringham Parish Church of St. Peters is in Church street, opposite the Town Hall. The building is fairly recent, having been started in 1895 and only became the parish church in 1953, when it merged with nearby Weybourne.
Sheringham Church
Sheringham parish church of St. Peter
Sheringham Church
Inside the church at Sheringham

One of the highlights of Sheringham has got to be the North Norfolk Railway and its Sheringham Station. Sheringham actually has 2 rail stations, 30 yards apart! When British Rail closed the line to Melton Constable in 1965, the M&GN Preservation Society was established and purchased the line and leased the old station (forcing BR to build a new one). After raising £14,000 by the sale of shares the North Norfolk Railway was born and ran its first steam service in 1976. The Poppy Line as it is known, runs steam and diesel trains to Holt, via Weybourne and operates a daily scheduled service (seasonal).
Sheringham Station
Sheringham North Norfolk Railway Station
North Norfolk Railway
Diesel train at Sheringham Station
Sheringham Railway
Sheringham Station platform on the NNR
Steam Train
A steam train pulling out of Sheringham station

Continue the Sheringham guided tour in Upper Sheringham


Sheringham summary of what to SEE and DO

Enjoy the beach and views of the sea
Walk along the promenade and seafront
Go shopping in the many intriguing gift shops
Investigate the fishing & lifeboat industry
Explore the town and find the town clock & Little Theatre
Don't miss the yard where the 1st WW1 bomb fell
Take a trip on the North Norfolk Railway to Weybourne or Holt
Go for a walk in nearby Upper Sheringham and enjoy the views

Our Verdict

Sheringham is a lovely unspoilt North Norfolk seaside town. A place where the locals take a real pride in their town and it shows. You should make time to visit as there is so much to see and do - make sure you also visit Upper Sheringham as the views are amazing!

Readers Comments

I found your tour fantastic, I have visited Sheringham twice since 1994, as I found my lost family living there. I hope to return again one day. In the mean time, I will be able to view your tour from time to time. Thanks for the memories, Mike Moore, Pyramid Hill, Victoria. Australia
A splendid web site. I found it whist searching for beach huts along the North Norfolk coast which you have covered well. Can you tell me if any are available for hire on a daily basis? and approx how much and where I can hire? We (my wife and I, my sister-in-law and 93year old mother-in law) will be staying again in North Norfolk later this year. Thank you. Robert.
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