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Beeston Bump

A small hill situated overlooking the coastal town of Sheringham

An Introduction to Beeston Bump Hill

Beeston Bump
Beeston Bump
Beeston Bump Summit
Beeston Bump Bench
Beeston Bump View
Beeston Bump, or Beeston Hill is a 207 feet (63m) high hill located just to the east of Sheringham town centre. The hill is made up of mainly sand and gravel, with the occasional large boulder.The hill was created at the end of the last ice age, when the ice melted and retreated.At one time, there was two round topped hills, but the other hill was made up of very soft material and was erroded away. A path from Sheringham allows visitors to climb the hill for some wonderful views back over the town. It is only a 15 minute walk, so it is a popular trek on a sunny day!

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Beeston Bump Pictures

Beeston Bump
Beeston Bump
Beeston Bump Path
The path to the summit of Beeston Bump
Beeston Bump
Beeston Bump as seen from Sheringham

Beeston Bump View
The view over Sheringham from Beeston Bump
Beeston Bump Summit
The summit of Beeston Bump
Beeston Bump Bench
A bench at the summit gives a great view towards Cromer

Beeston Bump
Walking towards Cromer from the summit of Beeston Bump



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