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Sea Life
Great Yarmouth

An indoor aquarium where you can meet all kinds of sea creatures, including penguins and walk through a shark tunnel

An Introduction to Sea Life Great Yarmouth

Big Fish
Ocean Tunnel
Situated on the seafront at Great Yarmouth, the Sea Life Centre offers indoor entertainment and education for the family, whatever the weather. This popular attraction takes you on a journey from shipwrecks, to penguins and shark tunnels to the tropical rainforest and the beautiful coral reef. In each of the 13 different themed stages of the journey, information panels educate you about the marine life that lives in that particular section. Some sections contain fish in open tanks, so you can see them swimming from above and below. The Ocean Tunnel section takes you on a walk under the ocean, full of sharks and other large fish swimming above your head! The aquarium hold regular demonstrations and feeding sessions during the day - such as feeding the penguins. Children are given a booklet and in each section of the aquarium they get their book stamped, with a prize given to fully stamped books at the end of the journey.
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Sea Life Great Yarmouth Guided Picture Tour

We start our tour of Sea Life Great Yarmouth in the first few sections of the aquarium. These are called Shipwreck, Jellyfish and the Bay of Rays. Rays are one the the most graceful and beautiful creatures in the ocean, but they have a very strong bite - so keep your hands out of the tank!
Bay of Rays
The Bay of Rays
Gilthead Bream in the Shipwreck section
Moon Jellyfish
Ray swimming on the surface
Sealife Centre Fish
You will meet fish of all sizes and colour

The Penguin sanctuary is home to a group of penguins that can be viewed from both indoors and by venturing outside. Penguins are only found in the Southern Hemisphere and spend most of their time swimming in the sea. They can be found on remote islands, away from predators and near ocean currents that bring lots of food. They eat small fish and here in Yarmouth, you can watch the Penguins being fed at various times during the day.
Feeding Penguins
Feeding time for the Penguins
Penguin Enclosure
The Penguin Enclosure
Penguins Swimming
Penguins swimming right up to the observers!
Penguin in the water
A Penguin swimming under the water
A Penguin standing watching

Next is a trip through the Tropical Rainforest, which amazingly is home to more than half of the Earth's plants and animals. The rain forest provides 40% of the world's oxygen and what is worrying is that large areas are being destroyed each year due to man's search for natural resources. It is estimated at the current rate of destruction, there will be none left by the middle of this century. The rain forest is home to crocodiles and you can see some as you travel through this section.
Looking for Crocodiles in the Tropical Rainforest
A sleeping Crocodile
Tropical Fish
Lots of small, but colourful tropical fish

Dragon's Den highlights some of the marine creatures that have been around for many years. For example, the earliest known Terrapin dates from over 200 million years ago! This is makes it one of the oldest creatures on the planet. Terrapin is actually a name we use for a small tortoise that lives in fresh water, but there is no biological distinction between Terrapin Tortoise and Turtles! You will also discover other ancient and exotic fish.
Dragons Den
Entry in to the Dragon's Den section of the Aquarium
One of the Terrapins in the Dragon's Den
Exotic Fish
Exotic Fish in the Dragon's Den

Ocean Tunnel allows you to walk under the ocean and look up to see sharks and other large swimming creatures. The whole section is modelled on the mythical Greek city of Atlantis, complete with stone columns and stone carvings of the Gods. Atlantis famously fell of of favour with the Gods and sank under the ocean waves. You to can descend under the ocean waves and walk through the tunnel under the water and look up at the large fish swimming above you. The most prominent fish is the shark, which dates back millions of years. Despite being one the most well known predators, sharks numbers are threatened as over 70 million are caught each year for their fins.
Ocean Tunnel
A walk under the Ocean in the tunnel
Ocean Gallery
The viewing gallery over the Ocean
Atlantis View
A view of Atlantis under the Ocean

Pirate Reef depicts the beautiful eco-system of the Coral Reef. Corals form the largest living structure on the planet, with millions of creatures depending on them for their food, homes and livelihood. Due to global warming, pollution and destructive fishing, corals are dying at an alarming rate. Is it dies, coral is bleached to a white colour. Pirate Reef allows you to view this beautiful eco system and some of its colourful residents without putting on a divers suit in some distant sea!
Coral Reef
Beautiful colours in the Coral Reef
Pirate Reef
The Pirate Reef Section
Coral Reef
Part of the Coral Reef

Nemo is a popular character from the hit Disney film 'Finding Nemo', a tale of adventure and escape from an Australian Dentist's fish tank back into the open ocean. At Sea Life Great Yarmouth, children can climb into Nemo's ocean cave and see Clown fish, just like Nemo. Parents can see their children through the cave glass, just as if they were swimming in the water with Nemo!
Nemos Cave
Nemo swimming in his cave
Nemos Cave
Children swimming with Nemo in his cave

The final section is called Sea Stars and it shows the wonder of the Star Fish. The section is crammed full of amazing facts about starfish - such as "Starfish produce glue so their tube feet become sticky" and "Starfish can have up to 40 arms and if chased by a predator, they can drop an arm to escape and regrow it later". It is amazing to spend a few minutes studying these beautiful creatures up close at the end of your marine adventure at Sealife Great Yarmouth.
Sea Stars
The Sea Stars Section of the Aquarium
Starfish Up Close
Getting up close to Starfish

Before you leave, you may like to let your kids run wild on the indoor play area while you take a refreshment in the cafe, selling hot and cold drinks and meals. Of you may like to browse the items for sale in the well stocked gift shop.
Sealife Play Area
Part of the indoor play area and gift shop
Sealife Cafe
Part of the cafe
Sealife Great Yarmouth
The Sealife centre on Marine Parade, Great Yarmouth


10 Things to SEE & DO at Sea Life Great Yarmouth

Explore the Rays, Jellyfish and other fish found in a Shipwreck or the Bay of Rays
Watch the Penguins being fed and swimming in the penguin sanctuary
Take a trip through the Tropical Rainforest and see a Crocodile resting on a log
Meet some of the oldest species on the planet (Terrapins) in the Dragons Den
Walk under the ocean while gazing up at Sharks from the Atlantis themed tunnel
Discover the beauty of the Coral Reef and its colourful fish in the Pirate Reef section
Meet Nemo from the Disney Films and climb in his cave to have your photo taken
Be amazed by Starfish facts and meet starfish up close in the Sea Stars section
Let little ones run and play in the indoor play area
Take a rest and enjoy a hot or cold refreshment in the cafe

Our Verdict

Sealife Great Yarmouth is a fabulous place to take the kids and adults too! There is plenty for everyone. It is open all year and mostly indoor, so the weather cannot spoil your day out. It is also a good opportunity to learn about marine life and how it is threatened by global changes.




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