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Potter Heigham

One of the major boating centre's on the Norfolk Broads with a famous medieval bridge giving access to the upper reaches of the River Thurne.

An Introduction to Potter Heigham

Herbert Woods
Potter Heigham Church
Day Boats
Potter Heigham Bridge

Potter Heigham is one of the major boating centre's on the Norfolk Broads, with many boating holidays or day trips starting from here. The famous medieval bridge gives access to the Upper Thurne, Hickling Broad and Horsey Mere. The banks of the River Thurne at Potter Heigham are lined with waterside bungalows, which can only be accessed by foot or boat. There is the famous Lathams discount store located here, as well as a pub, chip-shop and newsagent. The main village itself is actually located the other side of the major A149 road and is mainly residential and quite separate from the boating centre, but does contain the lovely village church.
Dogs The riverside path is a good place to walk your dog.
Children Kids can enjoy feeding the ducks at the riverside. There is an ice-cream shop in the centre of the village (seasonal). Lathams have some discount toys for sale in their store.

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Potter Heigham Map

Potter Heigham Map Ludham Stalham Thurne Martham

Potter Heigham Guided Picture Tour

We start our tour of Potter Heigham at the famous medieval bridge over the river Thurne. The bridge dates back to 1385 and is a low-arched structure with a clearance of only 7 feet at its highest, a notorious test for novice boaters! A bridge pilot helps boat skippers safely through the bridge in summer. A modern road bridge carries the A149 over the River Thurne.
Potter Heigham Medieval Bridge
Potter Heigham medieval bridge over the River Thurne
Aerial View Potter Heigham
An aerial view of both bridges at Potter Heigham
Potter Bridge View
Admiring the view by Potter Heigham Bridge
Potter Bridge Pilot
Mooring up outside the Bridge Pilot's office
Potter Heigham Bridge
Rowing through Potter Old Bridge

Ghost Story Potter Heigham Bridge is the setting of a famous ghost story, which says that on every 31st May at midnight, a phantom coach appears and crashes from the old bridge into the river below. This story originated from the wedding of Lady Evelyn Carew to Sir Godfrey Haslitt on 31st May, 1742. Apparently at midnight, the bride was seized from the celebrations and carried out screaming to a coach. The coach tore down the drive and headed towards Potter Heigham. Arriving at the bridge, the coach smashed into the wall and was flung, with its occupants, into the River Thurne below.

From the middle of the bridge you get good views down the River Thurne. This helps you to understand the importance of the river to the village. As the hiring of boats to tourists became popular in the early 20th century, Potter Heigham became one of the main centres and it still is one of the major starting points of boating holidays on the Broads.
River Thurne
The view of the River Thurne from Potter Heigham bridge
Hire Boats Potter Heigham
Hire boats in the marina at Potter Heigham
Day Boats
Electric powered day boats for hire at Potter Heigham

One of the most famous names in the Norfolk Broads hire boat industry is Herbert Woods, and his name can still be seen all over the local buildings. Among Herbert Woods’ many achievements was the building of Broads Haven in Potter Heigham which was the first yacht marina on the Broads. The large 2-acre basin was dug out by hand and completed in 1931. Broads Haven was home to Herbert Woods hire fleet with its famous “Lady” fleet of yachts and “Light” fleet of motor cruisers. Herbert Woods also designed many types of private boats including his personal racing yacht Ladybird, the Norfolk dinghy and the 22ft Norfolk Punt Limelight. The fact that many of these boats are still sailing today speaks volumes for the craftsmanship of the boat builders at this Potter Heigham yard.
Herbert Woods
The view over Herbert Woods Boatyard at Potter Heigham
Herbert Woods Tower
Herbert Woods Tower
Herbert Woods Cruiser
A modern Herbert Woods cruiser

Moving into the riverside part of the village, you will find a handful of facilities, including .. Lathams! ... a famous Norfolk discount store. No visit to Potter is complete without a visit to Lathams ... they stock discount items from clothes, toys, household items and even a garden centre. There is a large car-park (opposite Lathams) offering free parking for a couple of hours.
Lathams Store
Lathams store at Potter Heigham
Potter Village Sign
Potter Heigham village sign
Flour and Bean
The Flour & Bean bakery, cafe, restaurant and bar
Lathams Discount Fishing Store
Lathams discount fishing store
Burger Van
A burger van at Potter Heigham


Bridge Stones of Potter is one of our favourite cafe/restaurants. It is located in the centre of the riverside village, near to the medieval bridge. It serves a wide menu catering for breakfast, morning coffee, lunch and afternoon tea. You can just pop in for a quick tea/coffee and cake or enjoy a full meal.
Bridgestones of Potter
Bridge Stones of Potter Heigham
Bridgestones of Potter
Inside Bridge Stones Cafe and Restaurant

The Weavers Way passes through Potter and is a good place for a riverside walk. Along the path you will find a row of timber bungalows. These bungalows are fairly unique in that they are about the only place on the Norfolk Broads where the Broads Authority have allowed buildings directly on the riverbank. They are only accessible by the footpath behind, or by boat.
Weavers Way
The Weavers Way at Potter Heigham
Cycling to Potter Heigham
Cycling to Potter Heigham
Riverside Bungalow
Riverside bungalow at Potter Heigham
Riverside Bungalow
River Thurne bungalow at Potter Heigham

Heading out of Potter Heigham towards Ludham, you will find the village post office and pub. The Falgate pub offers a local country pub atmosphere, and is well worth the short walk from the river.
Falgate Pub
The Falgate pub at Potter Heigham
Potter Heigham Post Office
Potter Heigham Post Office and Newsagents

Over the main road, you will find the residential part of the village. Hidden beyond some houses is the lovely village church of St Nicholas. The earliest surviving feature is the round tower, which dates back to the 12th century and has a 14th century octagonal extension, one of the best preserved in the country. Inside, you will find a stunning hammerbeam roof (Gothic open timber), an almost unique 15th century brick font and a scheme of wall paintings dating back to the 14th century.
Potter Heigham church of St. Nicholas
Church Inside
Inside Potter Heigham church
Church Inside
The Church Font

Sunset over Potter
Sunset over the old bridge at Potter Heigham

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Potter Heigham summary of what to SEE and DO

Enjoy the views of the river and the boating scene - watch nervous skippers negotiate the old Bridge!
Shop till you drop in Lathams - the discount store, toys, DIY, garden centre, clothes and more!
Take morning coffee, lunch, afternoon tea or dinner in Bridge Stones or Flour & Bean.
Hire a day boat and cruise down the River Thurne.
Feed the ducks or walk the dog along the riverside path.
Take a stroll and explore the residential village and parish church.

Our Verdict

Potter Heigham has a reputation of being one of the top boating centre's on the Norfolk Broads and it lives up to that reputation. Add one of the regions top discount stores and you understand why visitors flock to Potter Heigham all year round.



Potter Heigham Village Sign



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