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Winterton on Sea

A lovely unspoilt East Norfolk Coast village with its roots in fishing.

An Introduction to Winterton on Sea

Winterton Beach
Winterton Sand Dunes
Winterton Church
Winterton Pub
Blood Hill Windfarm

Winterton on Sea is a lovely unspoilt East Norfolk Coast seaside resort, with is roots in fishing. You will find no amusement arcades or brash shops here, just a wonderful beach, sand dunes and a small village with a shop, post office, chip-shop, and village pub. The sand dunes are a nature reserve classified as an area of outstanding natural beauty and is ideal for bird watchers and walkers. Just north of Winterton a colony of grey seals live and can be regularly seen basking on the beach or popping their heads above the waves. The village has a large, cathedral like, church, a holiday park with unusual holiday homes and one of the first UK windfarms on the ridge to the west of the village.

Hoseasons Cottages

Winterton on Sea Map

Winterton Map Martham Horsey Hemsby

Winterton on Sea Guided Tour

We start our tour of Winterton on sea on the road approaching the village. There is a fabulous view over the fields towards the village. The church dominates the skyline, with ships on the sea in the distance.
Winterton View
View over Winterton on sea

Moving into the village, we can park the car by the beach. The beach here is outstanding and is a great place to walk and hardly see anyone else. You get good views of the offshore windfarm and the sand dunes right along this stretch of coast.
Winterton Beach
Winterton on sea beach, looking north
Winterton Beach
Winterton on sea beach, looking south
Winterton Beach
Winterton on sea beach and sand dunes
Winterton Beach
Winterton on sea beach, looking towards the offshore windfarm

The beach between Winterton and Horsey is home to a colony of grey seals. You can usually see their heads popping up above the waves. In December and January they have pups and come out of the water for several weeks. Around 100 pups are born each winter. The pups are white, the females light grey and males dark grey.
Seal Pup
Seal Pup and its mum on the beach
Seal Asleep
Seal asleep on the beach between Horsey and Winterton

Just behind the beach is a ridge of sand dunes. This is an area of outstanding natural beauty and you can walk along the dunes, with views out over the sea to one side and the low lying land on the other. The dunes are home to wildlife including Tern and Adders. A coast watch tower and cafe (seasonal) can be found near the car park.
Winterton Sand Dunes
Winterton on sea sand dunes
Winterton Coast Watch
Winterton on sea coast watch

Moving in to the village itself, you will find a mix of old and new properties (including some new properties made to look old!). Facilities in the village include a shop, post office, chip shop and a 300 year old pub.
Winterton Post Office
Winterton on sea Post Office
Winterton Property
Winterton on sea cottage
Winterton Property
Winterton on sea thatched new property
Winterton Property
Winterton on sea property
Winterton Pub
Fishermans Return, Winterton on sea, Tel: 01493 393305
Winterton Pub Sign
Fishermans Return Pub

The village sign can be found near the church and is dual sided, with seaside and rural agriculture scenes, indicating the two most important things in village life.
Winterton Village Sign
Winterton on sea village sign, sea scene
Winterton Village Sign
Winterton on sea village sign, agriculture scene

The village church of All Saints is as long as it is tall and seems to hide behind its tower, almost as if its a beacon out to sea. A number of the graves around the church show people drowned in the sea or lost in ships, apparently in one night in 1692, over 200 hundred ships and 1,000 lives were lost in a single storm. A special memorial in the church is dedicated to those who were lost to the sea.
Winterton Village Church
Winterton on sea village church of All Saints
Winterton Village Church Sign
Winterton on sea church sign
Winterton Church Tower
Winterton on sea church tower
Sea Memorial
memorial to those lost at sea
Inside Winterton Church
Inside the church in Winterton on sea
Inside Winterton Church
The alter in the church at Winterton on sea

Winterton has a holiday park, situated overlooking the sea. This holiday park has unusual round holiday homes, with a thatched roof! They were constructed when the owner returned from South Africa's Hermanus Bay. He was so taken by this part of Africa that he wanted to create a part of it in Norfolk. Adjacent to the leisure park is an old lighthouse, now a private residence.
Hermanus Leisure Park
Hermanus Leisure Holiday Park, Tel: 01493 393216
Hermanus Leisure Cottage
Hermanus Leisure Cottage
Hermanus Leisure Park
Hermanus Holiday Cottages
Private Coast Watch House
Winterton Lighthouse

Nearby, is one of the first windfarms in the UK at Blood Hill, mid way between West Somerton and Winterton on Sea. The site currently has 10 wind turbines, generating approximately 2.25 megawatts of electricity, enough for around 1,400 homes. Debate rages regarding their appearance, we ask you to judge for yourself!
Blood Hill Windfarm
Blood Hill Windfarm near Winterton on Sea
Blood Hill Windfarm
Wind turbine at Blood Hill
Blood Hill Windfarm
Blood Hill Windfarm
Blood Hill Windfarm
Renewable wind energy turbines


Winterton on Sea summary of what to SEE and DO

Enjoy the outstanding beach
Walk for miles over the sand dunes
Visit the cathedral like village church
Enjoy a pint in the lovely old village pub
Discover the nearby windfarm
See the unusual holiday huts at Hermanus

Our Verdict

The beach at Winterton on Sea is outstanding. A great place to walk the dog or get some fresh Norfolk air in your lungs. The village pub is a great place to have a pub lunch following your walk.
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