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A beautiful unspoiled Broadland village overlooking the River Bure

An Introduction to Belaugh

Belaugh Staithe
Riverside Views
Belaugh Footpath
Barn Conversion
Belaugh Church

is a small, quiet, and unspoiled Broadland village. It is fairly unique for Norfolk in that it is located on a hill, which forms one edge of the Bure valley. There is a pretty staithe, a boatyard, a church and a few houses and that is about it. Because there are few facilities and most boats need to navigate Wroxham bridge to travel here, Belaugh remains a lovely peaceful place, even in high summer. A path from the village, leads across the fields towards Coltishall (about a mile and half) and is a pleasant walk. We suggest that you leave your car in Upper Belaugh, as there is virtually no parking in Lower Belaugh (only 2-3 spaces at the staithe).

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Belaugh Map

Belaugh Map Aylsham Wroxham Norwich Belaugh Coltishall

Belaugh Guided Picture Tour

We start our tour of the lovely unspoiled small Broadland village of Belaugh at the small, but pretty staithe on the River Bure. It is a great spot to moor and have a picnic, or sit and enjoy the peace and quiet - please note that there is only space to moor a couple of boats at the staithe. Adjacent to the staithe is a small boatyard.
Belaugh Staithe
Belaugh Staithe on the River Bure
Belaugh Staithe
Belaugh Staithe
Belaugh Boatyard
Belaugh Boatyard

The small village consists of upper and lower Belaugh, with the lower part being adjacent to the staithe. The upper part is a good place to park your car as there is more space. The village contains a collection of pretty cottages and riverside homes. The main village street leads past the staithe and then goes up the hill towards the church, linking lower and upper Belaugh; alternatively there is a footpath.
Belaugh Staithe
The main street through Belaugh village
Belaugh Footpath
A footpath linking upper and lower Belaugh
Belaugh Property
A property in Upper Belaugh
Riverside Homes
Riverside homes at Belaugh
Cottage Garden
A gate leading to a beautiful riverside cottage garden

Walking up the hill from the staithe, we come to the village church of St. Peter. This is unusual for Norfolk, in that the church sits on the top of a hill and has tremendous views over the Bure river valley. Like most churches in Norfolk, the door is usually unlocked and we can just pop inside for a look. Highlights of the church interior include a fine example of a medieval rood screen, church organ and the nave itself.
Belaugh Church
Belaugh Church of St. Peter
Belaugh Church Nave
Inside the Nave of Belaugh Church
Rood Screen
Rood screen in Belaugh Church

Returning outside the church, the view from the top of the hill over the River Bure is wonderful - yes a hill in Norfolk! A path leads right around the side of the church, through woodland down a steep bank to a small staithe on the River Bure, where boats are allowed to moor to visit the church.
Church Staithe
The pretty staithe at Belaugh church
Belaugh View
River Bure view from the top of the hill
Church Path
Woodland path leading from the church to the staithe

The countryside around Belaugh is simply beautiful. A path leads from the village and through fields to Coltishall Common. This is a lovely walk on a nice day (about a mile and a half). The path starts from a kissing gate and passes through what seems like someone's back garden! it then continues through a field that sometimes has cows in it (dogs allowed on a lead). Eventually it joins the track and road leading you to Coltishall Common, where you will find 2 pubs.
Norfolk Countryside
The countryside around Belaugh
Kissing Gate
Kissing gate and footpath to Coltishall
Kissing Gate
Fields leading to Coltishall
Friendly Cows on one of the fields
Riverside Views
Riverside views from the footpath
Walk the Dog
Walking the dog near Belaugh
Barn Conversion
A barn conversion near Belaugh

Belaugh summary of what to SEE and DO

Have a picnic on the staithe or simply sit and enjoy the peace!
Wander the village lanes and paths admiring the cottages and riverside homes.
Explore the parish church and see the medieval Rood Screen.
Locate the path from the church to the river or vice-versa!
Walk the footpath from Belaugh towards Coltishall.

Our Verdict

Belaugh is a lovely unspoiled Broadland village, but there is nothing there - which is part of its charm! It is a great place for a short walk.



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