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Dinosaur Adventure Park

A dinosaur theme park, with loads to see and do for all the family

An Introduction to the Dinosaur Adventure Park

Dinosaur Trail
Deer Safari
Stegosaurus Dinosaur
Astroglide Slide
Lost World
The Dinosaur Adventure Park is situated just 10 miles north east of Norwich at Lenwade. This large wooded theme park contains many life size dinosaur replicas. It is aimed at children, but there is also plenty for adults to see and do. The highlight of the park is a dinosaur trail, where full size dinosaurs stand tall over visitors, growling away as you walk past. It is an essential visit for anyone studying the dinosaur era at school. The secondary attraction is the play areas - both outdoor and indoor. They are exceptional in terms of the amount of equipment on offer. Climbing, sliding, swinging and balancing - or just simply running around. For hot days there is a splash area, where kids can get wet running in and out of water. For days when the weather is not quite so good, the large indoor play area is extremely handy, especially as there is a cafe allowing adults to grab a coffee and a piece of cake. The park also contains farm animals, a deer safari (extra charge) and a lost world amazing adventure, plus others... New attractions are being added all the time. All in all, the Dinosaur Adventure Park makes a great day out - for ALL the family!
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Dinosaur Adventure Park Picture Tour

Dinosaur Adventure Park
The Dinosaur Adventure Park
Dinosaur Adventure Park
Dinosaur at the entrance of the park
Dinosaur Adventure Park
Dinosaur models on the way into the park
Base Camp
Base Camp, the start and end of your adventure
Base Camp Shop
Base Camp Shop, selling all kinds of dinosaur toys!

Adventure Play Area

Outdoor Play Area
The first main area you come across is the enormous outdoor play area
Climb the tree house and explore the rope bridges
Rope Tree Climb
Climb the Arachnophobia rope tree
Dinosaur Slide
Climb inside the massive dinosaur and slide back out again!
Splash Park
For hot days, there is a kids splash park and adjacent picnic area

Assult O Saurus
The Assult-O-Saurus is an obstacle course
Kids Assult Course
Completing the Assult-O-Saurus

Norfolk Cottages

The Dinosaur Trail

Dinosaur Trail
The main dinosaur trail, takes you down through the woods, past many life sized dinosaur replicas
Stegosaurus Dinosaur
Visitors walking down the Dinosaur Trail
Dinosaur Trail Sign
Signposts inform visitors about each dinosaur
Stegosaurus Dinosaur
Stegosaurus - 'Roof Lizard' - Plant Eater
Euoplocephalus Dinosaur
Euoplocephalus - 'Well Armoured Head' - Plant Eater
Styracosaurus Dinosaur
Styracosaurus - 'Spiked Lizard' - Plant Eater
Rope Tree Climb
Triceratops - 'Three Horned Face' - Plant Eater
Tyrannosaurus Rex Dinosaur
Tyrannosaurus Rex - 'Tyrant Lizard' - Meat Eater
Phorusrhacos Dinosaur
Phorusrhacos - 'Rag Bearer' - Meat Eater
Tyrannosaurus Rex Dinosaur
Deinonychus - 'Terrible Claw' - Meat Eater
Talarurus Dinosaur
Talarurus - 'Wicker Tail' - Plant Eater
Brachiosaurus Dinosaur
Brachiosaursus - 'Arm Lizard' - Plant Eater
Iguanodon Dinosaur
Iguanodon - 'Iguana Tooth' - Plant Eater

The Lower Section of the Park

Deer Safari
Take a trip aboard a jeep on the Deer Safari (additional charge)
Cow Milking
Try your hand at milking a fake cow
A goat in the Secret Animal Garden
Get a great view of the goats from the raised walkways
Deer Safari
Watch the Deer Safari travel past

Animal Barn
The Animal Barn is full of furry and not so furry animals!
Animal Barn
Inside the Animal Barn
Furry Animal
Some animals are furry and cute!
Iguana Lizard
Some are less cute, like these Iguana lizards

Waterside Gardens
The Waterside Gardens are beautiful gardens set beside a lake
Waterside Gardens Lake
The lake, situated in the middle of the Waterside Gardens
Waterside Gardens
A path meanders through the Waterside Gardens
Waterside Garden Stream
A stream tumbles its way down to the lake

Skywire Zip Lines
Getting ready for a zip line trip down the Skywire
Skywire Zip Lines
Reaching the bottom of the tandem zip lines

The Neanderthal Walk back To Base Camp

Neanderthal Walk
The Neanderthal Walk, a steady climb back to the top
Meet a Mammoth or two along the walk!
Sabre Toothed Tiger
A Sabre Toothed Tiger
Stone Age Man
Stone Age Man

The Lost World A-Mazing Adventure

Lost World
The entrance to the Lost World, an amazing adventure through the woods
Lost World Rope Bridge
Paths and rope bridges, take you around the Lost World
Lost World Sign
Make sure you don't get lost, paths go everywhere!
Explorers Look Out Tower
Climb the Explorer's Look Out Tower
Dinosaur Eggs
Can you find the dinosaur eggs?
Bongo Telecom
Send messages from the Bongo Telecom
Lost World Photo
Have your photo taken at the end! There are various photo points scattered around the park

DiNoMite Indoor Adventure Play

Dinomite Indoor Play Area
DiNoMite, the large indoor adventure play area
Astroglide Slide
Astroglide slide inside DiNoMite
Indoor Play Area
Large indoor play area to suit all ages
The DiNoMite Café, serving hot and cold drinks and snacks
Vertical Slide
A vertical slide for older kids

The Best of the Rest

Perodactyl Treehouse
The Perodactyl Tree house
Stone Age Road Race
Fly around the indoor track on the Stone Age Road Race
Jurassic Putt Crazy Golf
Jurassic Putt Crazy Golf
Raptor Racers
Cycle around an outdoor track on the Raptor Racers
Play and investigate in the sand at Xtinction
Dinosaur Replica
View dinosaur replicas all around the park




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