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A North Norfolk village dominated by its Priory

An Introduction to Binham

Binham Church
Inside Binham Priory
Binham Village Sign
Binham Chequers Inn
Binham Priory
Binham's Benadictine monastery was one of the first religious institutions established in Norfolk after the Norman conquest. Much of it's in ruins, with the spectacular exception of the nave. Its beautiful, 13th century west front was repaired, its glass window was safely bricked up, and the whole thing was put into regular use as the local parish church. Inside is a horde of well-kept treasures: carvings, metalwork and a seven-sided font. Outside, grazing cows gather in the surrounding fields, gazing idly at the crumbling cloister walls. The village of Binham contains many cottages built of flint and a pub called the Chequers Inn.

Norfolk Cottages

Binham Priory and Village Pictures

Binham Priory
Binham Priory
Priory Ruins
Part of the priory ruins
Binham Priory
Binham Priory standing in the Norfolk countryside
Binham Church
The usable part of the church
Binham Priory
Walls in ruins at Binham Priory

Inside Binham Priory
Inside Binham Priory
Priory Roof
Part of the walls and roof
Binham Priory Picture
A picture showing how the priory originally looked

Binham Village Sign
Binham Village Sign
Binham Chequers Inn
The Chequers Inn, the village pub
Flint Cottage
A typical flint cottage in Binham
Binham Signpost
A signpost to nearby places



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